Satanism and the Left Hand Path with Bere Parra

In this week’s episode, I have Bere Parra on the show to share her wisdom on something that’s often misunderstood within the witchcraft community – Satanism and the LHP.

Bere Parra is a Mexican theistic satanic witch. She majored in Hispanic Literature but her professional experience has been rather eclectic. She has innate and acquired strong knowledge of human nature and interest in the occult practices, which led to her ‘coming out of the broom closet’ in 2018. She mainly works with Satan, whom she considers her father figure and main guiding light, and in 2020 she’s also entered a close collaboration with Asmodeus. Her mission is to shine a light on the ‘uncomfortable’ truths and shadows, and to guide others into a life of pleasure and personal truth.

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