BEFRIEND YOUR DEMONS – An integrative journey into your Shadow Self

A 12 Week program of spiritual companionship for those ready to integrate their Shadow in order to achieve the full life they deserve

“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” – Carl Jung

There comes a moment in our lives when we are DONE with our own excuses.

There comes a time when we are DONE with stumbling upon the same obstacles over and over again. We may then start comparing our lives, or different areas of our existence, to those of others and wonder what they’re doing right and we’re doing ‘wrong’.

Sometimes we might even start believing that things don’t work out for us because someone or something else may have placed a curse on us, or that the Universe is working against us.

The answer is often far simpler, but much more uncomfortable:

Our Shadow is calling the shots.

You know your Shadow. You always have.

It’s those aspects of you that make you feel ashamed, embarrassed, uncomfortable, or just a little bit icky. It’s the things you never admit to others, much less to yourself. It’s who you don’t want to be. It’s that nagging voice inside you that keeps whispering things such as “you’re pathetic”, “you’re a loser”, “you don’t know what you’re doing”, “you can’t make it”, “you’re stupid”, “you need X if you want to function”, “you know you’ll always be in love with X”, “you’re ridiculous”, “nobody likes you”, “this isn’t going to work”, “this cannot last”, etc.

What if I told you that your Shadow only wants love and attention?

That your Shadow is as much you as those other aspects you openly acknowledge and accept?

That your Shadow is offering us clues all the time about how to solve the puzzle of life?

That if you own and befriend those ‘demons’ that have been nagging you for your whole life, they will turn into suprising, loyal allies, ready to provide useful insights that will help you not only be and feel better, but also get ahead in life and thrive to a level you never imagined possible?

It’s all possible after you engage in the process of integrating your Shadow into your Self.

BEFRIEND YOUR DEMONS – An integrative journey into your Shadow Self is a 3-month spiritual program that will give you practical tools and methods to get acquainted with your Shadow, remove the fear you feel when even thinking about your inner darkness, and provide a metaphorical torch that will never go out, because the fuel for that torch is found in your own mind, in your intuition, in your spirit, and in your context at any given time.

What I want to offer those who choose to participate in this intuitive journey is not a spiritual or psychological panacea. I’m not a psychologist or a physician, after all. What I am is a Left Hand Path witch who has engaged in Shadow Work for two decades (and counting) and who, along the way, has provided intuitive spiritual insights to dozens of individuals in an informal setting. It is now time for me to become Virgil to a special group of travelers who are determined to stop fearing the Shadow, and to take part in a journey of self-discovery that will mark the beginning of a new stage of their lives.

During the 12 weeks of BEFRIEND YOUR DEMONS we will bring into the open anything that needs to be dug out and illuminated. There is no judgment, but there will be plenty of tough love and raw truths. We will remove the monster costumes worn by the dwellers of Shadow, to find who or what they really are, and to understand how they can help us be more authentic, more powerful, and less afraid.


1-on-1 weekly check-ins

Up to 12 hours of personal, private support.


A PDF including topics, tasks, mini-rituals, exercises, journaling and meditation prompts for every week of the program.

Rituals & Tarot Shadow readings

Marking the start & finish of our journey, and providing a map for starting and for going ahead after the program.

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“One way I can describe how I feel […] is a greater awareness of the blocks – literally feeling like they are blocking off the giving and receiving of energy. Like walls of solid shadow above and around different parts of me. […]Still though there is this core of warm transformation at work. My sense is I have to up my engagement with the uncomfortable, work with the struggle, and leap into abandon. Thanks so much for working with me; going to continue to go deeper”

Kevin, past client