About Me

Bere aka SerpensRubrum

Left Hand Path Witch, Tarotist, Shadow Worker, Dream Interpreter


Bere is a witch, tarot reader, and dream interpreter who specializes in shadow work and psychomagick through a Left Hand Path lens. In a few years, she has cemented her reputation as a cut-to-the-chase, honest AF, insightful, and effective witch. Her readings and services have earned her rave reviews from respected peers, mentors, and clients: check out the sidebars throughout this website to read the glowing testimonials.

She began practicing witchcraft on a personal (i.e. for herself/closed) level in her mid-twenties, although the gift has been in her family for at least 3 generations. Bere began taking regular clients in the mid-2010s, which is around the time when she began making herself visible online through social media and other channels. She’s had the privilege to advise and serve many highly creative individuals, all of them outstanding in their respective fields. Most of her clientele are in the creative and artistic fields, although people from all walks of life seek her guidance on a regular basis. She has been a guest in popular witchcraft and tarot podcasts, and she’s been featured, interviewed, or referenced in high-profile publications such as VOGUE, The Paris Review, Luna Luna, and Hello Giggles.

When she’s not witching or reading tarot for herself or others, creating exclusive content for her Patreon supporters, or tweeting, or instagrammin’, Bere is a Project Manager and at a US-based email marketing agency. She lives in Mexico.


Bere loves to be a guest in witchcraft, tarot, and occult-themed podcasts. Content collaborations are not frowned upon, particularly if they’re remunerated.