Tarot allows us to achieve deeper understanding of our lives and of the mechanisms that make them possible. It’s like getting to peer behind the curtains of an ellaborate stage production, or getting an exclusive pass to explore an illusionist’s workshop. We get to see why things are happening (or appearing) the way they are and, in the process, we learn what we can do to take charge of our personal stories so that we can attain control of our lives and make the best of the hand we’ve been dealt. 

Over the years I have read for querents from all walks of life, about every topic imaginable. As long as it involves you on a direct, personal level, there are nearly no questions that Tarot cannot answer for you. In fact, I’ve recently discovered that even “yes”/”no” or “when” questions can be reworked in a way that most decks will provide answers for them. My sessions are also a liminal, judgment-free space, and – needless to say – everything we say during them is 100% confidential. 

My Tarot readings are performed via Google Meet. The cost for a 90 minute reading is 200 USD, while the cost for a 1 hr reading is 130 USD. My go-to deck is the RWS but I also use other decks (Tarot de Marseille, Thoth, Daemon Tarot, the uncommon tarot, Tarot del Toro, etc ) depending on the topic(s), client, date, and personal inclination. 

Before booking a reading, I strongly recommend that you read the policies below. If you agree with them, please proceed to e-mail me to book (remember to specify which length of reading you want) at serpensrubrum@gmail.com. Thank you!

  • Full payment of the reading is required in order to book your reading and block the time in my calendar. Once you have made the payment, you will see a Thank You message with a link to my Appointment Calendar so you can schedule our session.
  • It is only possible to reschedule a reading if you get in touch with me at least 24 hours ahead of your originally scheduled reading. (Example: if we had a reading scheduled for Thursday February 12 at 6 pm and you find out you won’t be able to make it, you’d have to get in touch with me to request a rescheduling by Wednesday February 11th at 6pm, when latest.)
  • I have a strict NO CANCELLATIONS policy, only deferral/rescheduling is offered (see previous item).  Should a client need to defer/reschedule a reading, the deadline for the reading to take place is up to 30 natural days after the originally scheduled date. If this time period goes by withou the client getting in touch to agree on the new date/time, the client will lose their reading with no right to rescheduling or refund. In case of force majeure circumstances an extended rescheduling (up to 6 months after the event) will be offered.
  • No-shows are considered de facto cancellations and therefore aren’t candidates for rescheduling. I encourage you to carefully check your schedule prior to agreeing to a date/time of reading, and to make note on your planner and e-calendars (iCal, Google Calendar, etc). 
Note: NO readings are performed during lunar or solar eclipses. 

PDF reading, delivered via e-mail: BITCOIN TAROT

For the Bitcoin equivalent of 33.33 USD, receive a general Message from The Universe: 3 cards and a detailed interpretation, exclusively for you, delivered as a PDF straight to your inbox. Click the button below to purchase! (Payment processed via Coinbase).